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written and performed by Alice Aida Ayers

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"It’s Me I’m Running From is the artistic expression that results from working through and healing issues many would avoid and most would certainly not share.  Alice Ayers has created through vignettes of her own personal life experiences, a universal canvas through which we can see our own.  The presentation is unique in that difficult, painful situations are made known while you are held, throughout, in hands that know the fruit of forgiveness and healing."  

-Susan Strauss, L.C.S.W.

“Alice, I cannot begin to tell you how much I enjoyed your show. It actually touched my Heart and Mind in ways I found myself asking, "Where am I?....This place feels so familiar." Your story showed me that we All have something in common in this life, in our Journey, and most of all in our Makeup. These experiences are embedded in our Genes from our Ancestors. Where we go or where we end up was placed in our lives before we started on this Journey....we have no control. That's why our experiences should never be forgotten and untold.....to help someone else along the way. Keep up the good work because knowledge is the key for the untold.” 

Peace within,
A friend and a Sister
Ameedah Munir
Arkansas Dept. of Higher Education 



 A  performance based on the real life journey of Alice Aida Ayers. She  interprets some harrowing truths and life changing experiences. It is an  honest sharing of love, creativity and gratitude for life. It will make  you laugh, cry, shudder and cheer, while discovering your truth and  creating your own narrative. 


 As  a result of participating in the workshop you will leave with the  ability to recognize destructive, recurring patterns of behavior, and to  make choices based on intellect vs. emotion. You will be given skills  to create the next phase of your life, And be empowered to begin telling  or writing your own story. What kind of equipment do you have?

Private Events

 I  am available for teaching life changing techniques based on visualizing  and goal setting, facilitating private retreat sessions on creative  visualization and as a motivational speaker and storyteller. 

Preview from the performance

Based on eight stories from my life, I explore circumstances and lessons that shaped my life.

The Marriage

A scene from the play, "Its Me I'm Running From" by Alice Aida Ayers told through vignettes of storytelling, song, dance and comedy skits. #itsmeimrunningfrom

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If you can dream it, see yourself in it, and feel it with all your heart, it will come to fruition. 


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