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written and performed by Alice Aida Ayers

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"...Your positivity has inspired me to attempt telling my story for the first time in years. Many times I have hidden my biggest hurts or glossed over them I thank you for your strength and love you are sharing with the people lucky enough to see your show and hear your story and messages of positivity and healing. I’m truly thankful to have had the opportunity to meet you and look forward to seeing you again."

"It’s Me I’m Running From is  the artistic expression that results from working through and healing  issues many would avoid and most would certainly not share.  Alice Ayers  has created through vignettes of her own  personal life experiences, a  universal canvas through which we can see our own.  The presentation is  unique in that difficult, painful situations are made known while you  are held, throughout, in hands that know the fruit of forgiveness and  healing."  

Susan Strauss, L.C.S.W.

"Alice Aida Ayers is earth and dynamite! We were taken on a journey through time and healing through her one women performance, It's me I'm Running From.  It was thought provoking yet full of humor and raw emotion. Truly a  healing balm for those who need it and all who experience the works of  Visual and Performing Artist, Educator, and Griot, Alice Adia Ayers! "

~ C.Kazi (Iya) 

DJ & Co-Host of Jadestone Vintage Soul

“…You  have changed many lives already so much! What a wonderful play! It had  everything to make a manifesting difference in everyone that hears it!  You have paid it forward in full! I am sooo inspired and healed by your  freedom and honestly!” Aubrey Buchanan

"If you work with people in recovery or re-entry programs, book a private viewing of Alice Aida Ayers  one-woman show: It's Me I'm Running From. She'll be in Sacramento this  September! Alice, or Bi Aida, as I like to call her, was the woman who  guided me through hosting my first health fair in Zanzibar several years  ago. She's an emblem of sacrifice and gave many of her years to  building a thriving institution called Creative Solutions in a quiet  village off the western coast of the island. There's a raw and bold  story behind her greatness and giving nature that's told in this play,  and perhaps just a glimpse into the creativity that is Alice. Take a  look at her website and don't miss this! Sending lots of love and warm  wishes, Bi Aida!"

Sanah Ladhani , MD

"On  a simple stage, with changes of clothes hanging on a wall, Alice Aida  Ayers transforms from a kid in her backyard to a rebelling teen, to an  enlisted woman hustling in a Mississippi pool hall. She is better than a  stand up comic, singing and dancing as she winds her way out of jail  and into motherhood, art classes and Zanzibar. 

In  the audience we were giggling, gasping, cheering, and hoping her  stories will never end. Alice has learned deeply as she has looked back  at her life. So do we. We leave wiser, refreshed by her honesty,  astounded at her spirit—and ready to look for our own stories."

Starr Mitchell

Retired, Director of Education

Historic Arkansas Museum

"This  show is an emotional rollercoaster but just like an actual  rollercoaster you are so glad you had the experience when it is over. I  had to go twice because it was such a thrill!"

Dwight Harshaw, 

Financial Planner/Realtor


"It turns  out that Alice Ayers is not only a fantastic artist via canvas but an  accomplished stage actress as well. Her performance takes you from tears  to roaring laughter within minutes. This show rivals ones I have seen  on Broadway!"

Carolyn Talley Harshaw



How did you choose which stories to tell?

I  think first I had to determine if I was strong enough to talk about  them in public. After that I simply narrowed it down to the most  interesting, funniest, harrowing pieces. I wanted to make sure that I  chose a variety or was able to pull out the lesson or humor in the  piece. I took artistic liberty, for example in some casesI covered  several years, so it flowed but didn’t necessarily happen in that  order. 

Are these the stories that affected your life most?

Some  of them are. Some of them literally changed the course of my life.  Others that I included, I felt that people suffering under similar  circumstances could gain something by hearing about how I recovered and  moved forward. I think I chose the stories with a strong moral dilemma.  When faced with decision making that will affect others, we sometimes  tend to sacrifice ourselves. I wanted to show that it is necessary that  each person take responsibility for her/his own life.







 A  performance based on the real life journey of Alice Aida Ayers. She  interprets some harrowing truths and life changing experiences. It is an  honest sharing of love, creativity and gratitude for life. It will make  you laugh, cry, shudder and cheer, while discovering your truth and  creating your own narrative. 


 As  a result of participating in the workshop you will leave with the  ability to recognize destructive, recurring patterns of behavior, and to  make choices based on intellect vs. emotion. You will be given skills  to create the next phase of your life, And be empowered to begin telling  or writing your own story. What kind of equipment do you have?

Private Events

 I  am available for teaching life changing techniques based on visualizing  and goal setting, facilitating private retreat sessions on creative  visualization and as a motivational speaker and storyteller. 

Preview from the performance

Based on eight stories from my life, I explore circumstances and lessons that shaped my life.

The Marriage

A scene from the play, "Its Me I'm Running From" by Alice Aida Ayers told through vignettes of storytelling, song, dance and comedy skits. #itsmeimrunningfrom

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